Friday, April 5, 2013

Safely Arrived in Sweden!

After a three different flights spanning 15 or so hours, we all have made it safely to Sweden! Alexandra and Hilda, Swedish student teachers who came to Bowling Green earlier in the semester picked us up from the airport, gave us a driving tour around to show us our schools we will be teaching at, and then took us to the university. We got our LiU student ID cards and our corridor keys for where we will be living.

I live in a corridor sharing with 7 other international students. We each have our own bedroom and bathroom, but share a common living space and kitchen. Rhanda, Katie, Nikki, and I are living in separate corridors, however they are a short walk from each other.

Planning to go to bed now after being up for over 32 hours! Tomorrow, we are exploring the city of Linköping - hopefully, getting a bus card/bike, and our WiFi/internet connection figured out.

I promise I will be posting pictures soon!

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  1. Hi Morgan, from Texas! This is UP! Wow! 32 Hours! I don't know if I am speaking for anyone else, but congratulations on getting there! Okay, enough of the exclamation points!

    I am looking forward to the pictures. Tell us about the geography and landscape so we can get an idea of where exactly in Sweden you are. I will be following your trip and checking in on your blog periodically.

    Also, I will see you when you return at your graduation.